As the leading company in the global eyeglass lens market* with a long business history spanning more than 50 years, Hoya has continued to develop high-quality, high-performance products and provided optimal vision solutions for people all over the world.
As the main driver of growth in the Life Care segment, this is a business that is supporting Hoya's growth.

A large global eyeglass lens wholesale market valued at US$11.3 billion
Hoya's strengths are its proprietary premium lens design technologies and its unique service innovation.
Accelerating growth with a global organization
We will accelerate growth through organic growth combined with M&A.
A large global eyeglass lens wholesale market valued
at US$11.3 billion
The global ophthalmic eyeglass lens wholesale market is estimated to be worth US$11.3 billion, and Hoya's global share of it is around 10%. Although we have direct sales networks in the major countries and regions of the world, we believe that the business opportunities for Hoya, including uncultivated markets, are worth US$10 billion or more.
In addition to the major countries in Europe, business expansion can be expected in Russia, North Africa and Eastern Europe. The North American market, which Hoya entered on a full scale in 2000, is a region where we still have a short track record in the long history of this business. However, we have steadily increased sales since developing polycarbonate materials in 2010, and we foresee continued strong growth here. In addition to our business development, various Asian countries with rapidly growing populations, we have made a full-scale entry into the South American region, where we made the eyeglass lens manufacturing and sales company a wholly-owned subsidiary in 2012. However, many uncultivated markets such as Mexico and Colombia remain, and we will actively develop business expansion measures to enhance our presence in these markets.
* 2012 - Hoya estimates
Hoya's strengths are its proprietary premium lens design
technologies and its unique service innovation.
The integrated double surface progressive design lenses that Hoya developed for the first time in the world in 2004 offer a wide field of vision and substantially reduce feelings of swaying and distortion, as their design is completely tailored to the individual based on the use of Free Form* design technology. Unlike progressive design that is based on either the front surface or the back surface of the lens, they realize a more comfortable field of vision and are even easier to wear. Furthermore, in the case of coating technologies, Hoya is continuing to propose industry-leading products in terms of anti-reflection and scratch resistance.
Besides developing lenses, Hoya also provides various kinds of innovative services by making effective use of IT at eyeglass stores. These encompass not only promoting an understanding of Hoya's technologies and products but also providing customer service, measurement and product ordering to ensure that customers are quickly supplied with optimal lenses.
For the sake of the optimal field of vision that suits each customer, we are focusing our efforts on innovating products and services on a daily basis.
*A design technology and processing technology that provides optimal performance to each lens by designing the optimal aspherical surface for each order.
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Accelerating growth with a global organization
Overseas markets, excluding Japan, account for nearly 80% of sales in Hoya's eyeglass lenses business. Demand for eyeglass lenses is growing primarily in emerging markets, namely, China, India, South America, Russia and the Middle East, where economic growth is particularly striking, and Hoya is also striving to capture opportunities for business expansion in these growth markets by expanding its operations globally.
At present, Hoya is operating in 52 countries, with an American assuming the role of a top executive and the divisional headquarters in Thailand, which is equipped with leading-edge production facilities, taking command of global strategies. We will further accelerate our global expansion by leveraging our network, which enables speedy delivery to customers from efficiently located factories around the world that handle operations ranging from customized processing of premium lenses to mass production of general-purpose products.
We will accelerate growth through organic growth
combined with M&A.
The number of eyeglass wearers is projected to continue to increase due to the worldwide aging of the population and an increase in the middle-income populations of emerging markets.
Hoya's eyeglass lens business experienced a sharp drop in sales because of the large floods that occurred in Thailand in the fall of 2011, but sales recovered steadily during the subsequent year. In addition, we turned an affiliated company that has top market share as an eyeglass lens manufacturer and sales company in Brazil into a wholly-owned subsidiary in 2012. Then, in 2013, we acquired the Seiko brand eyeglass lens development and manufacturing business from Seiko Epson Corporation and decided to take an equity stake in Seiko Optical Products Co., Ltd., a company that sells Seiko eyeglass lenses. Thus, we are actively promoting business expansion through M&A as well as through organic growth.
Hoya's strengths are its product capabilities backed by advanced technologies, its efficient production network that extends globally, and its service innovation that leverages information technology. Moreover, we aim to achieve further growth as our passionate global personnel deliver these outstanding values supported by the trust of our customers.
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