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Hiroshi Suzuki President & CEO

I would like to express my thanks for your continued patronage.

The HOYA Group operates the Life Care business globally and the Information Technology business centered on the technology developed in optical products and based on the concept of "Portfolio Management."

HOYA sees the Life Care business as a growth area, with the market expected to expand due to the progress in aging across the globe and improved opportunities to access health care accompanying economic growth in developing countries.
As a result, we are focusing management resources in this area. We intend to strengthen the structure of this business and acquire new technologies and customers through M&A, thereby expanding our market share and leading to growth for each product in the business. Based on this policy, in fiscal year March 2018, we acquired an eyeglass lenses manufacturer in the United States through M&A, gaining a new customer network as well as product technology not previously owned by HOYA. We have also newly established and started operating a factory for intraocular lenses products in Thailand to meet the booming demand for HOYA products.

Even though the Information Technology business has many products that have a large market share, we expect the finished product market to reach maturity. However, there are growth areas, and we plan to stabilize the entire business by focusing on these areas. Based on this policy, in fiscal year March 2018 we started selling glass disk substrates for the HDDs used in data center servers. We also significantly increased sales of mask blanks products for EUV (extreme ultraviolet) lithography used for the next generation of manufacturing technology for semiconductors, as well as lens products for security cameras.

Due to the circumstances described above, we achieved record high overall sales during the current fiscal year.

Going forward, we plan to achieve growth for the entire HOYA Group by quickly accomplishing synergies with acquired companies and realizing growth in accordance with profits made from contributions by the new factory and other sources in the Life Care business, and focusing on the growth areas in the Information Technology business.

We will continue to do our utmost to improve corporate value. We sincerely ask for your continued support.

Hiroshi Suzuki President & CEO

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