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Hiroshi Suzuki President & CEO

I would like to express my thanks for your continued patronage.

The HOYA Group operates the Information Technology business and the Life Care business globally centered on optical technology and based on the concept of “Portfolio Management.“

The Information Technology business consists of materials for manufacturing semiconductors, glass disks for HDDs, optical lenses, and other products, and HOYA is striving to maintain and improve high profitability leveraging its strong competitiveness on the technology and sales fronts in global markets.

The Life Care business consists of eyeglass lenses, contact lens specialty retail stores, medical endoscopes, intraocular lenses and other products, and HOYA is promoting business growth by expanding its market share in developed countries and strengthening its presence in developing countries.

We aim to bring about sustainable growth for the entire HOYA Group by proactively investing the cash obtained in the Information Technology business into the Life Care business.

In the 79th fiscal year, despite a challenging business environment affected by factors such as stronger yen and the damage caused by the Kumamoto Earthquake to our Kumamoto Factory, we steadily expanded our products for cutting-edge technologies in the Information Technology business. In Life Care business, we are firmly expanding into overseas markets with our major products with the aim of making growth in the next fiscal year and beyond more certain.

Going forward, we will do our utmost to improve corporate value. We sincerely ask for your continued support.

Hiroshi Suzuki President & CEO

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