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Portfolio management: the base for profitability, stability, and growth

HOYA´s portfolio management is planned and conducted to ensure the entire group achieves profitability, stability, and growth in a balanced way while allowing for operating different businesses at the same time. The present two business areas for portfolio management are “Information Technology” and “Life Care.” We seek extreme competence, maintenance of high shares and securing of stable profits in the Information Technology business, while we aggressively allocate management resources and accelerate growth in the “Life Care” business.

HOYA Group´s Sales by Segment FY2016 (ended March 2017)



HOYA develops parts and components indispensable for manufacturing semiconductors, LCD panels, and HDDs.

  • -Blanks and photomasks for semiconductor manufacturing
  • -Photomasks for LCD panel manufacturing
  • -Glass disks for HDDs

Health Care

Health Care

HOYA manufactures and sells eyeglass lenses, and operate the Eyecity chain of contact lens specialty stores.

  • -Eyeglass lenses
  • -Contact lens specialty store chain Eyecity



HOYA develops and manufactures optical glass, lenses and lens modules for digital cameras.

  • -Optical lenses/glass
  • -Camera lens modules
  • -Laser oscillators and UV light resources



HOYA´s major products includes medical endoscopes, intraocular lenses, and apatite products as prosthetic ceramic fillers.

  • -Medical endoscopes
  • -Intraocular lenses
  • -Prosthetic ceramic fillers and metallic orthopedic implants
Mask blanks and photomasks for semiconductor manufacturing
Mask blanks and photomasks are essential in the production of semiconductor chips. They are the master plates used to transfer the minute, highly complex circuit patterns for semiconductors onto the wafers.
Image of circuit pattern transfer in the exposure process Image of circuit pattern transfer in the exposure process
Photomasks for LCD panel manufacturing
LCD photomasks are the master plates that are used in the manufacture of LCD panels for large flat televisions, computer monitors, and smartphones. Leveraging the technology accumulated in development and manufacturing of photomasks for semiconductors helps HOYA provide high-definition, high-precision LCD photomasks to panel makers.
Photomasks for LCD panel manufacturing

HOYA´s Vision and Three Actions

HOYA´s Vision
Aiming to achieve sustainable earnings growth
by strengthening a business portfolio.
Action 1

Accelerating growth in the Life Care business

Along with the aging global population and growth of the middle-class population derived particularly from economic growth in emerging countries, demand is increasing for adapting the medical infrastructure to improve the quality of life (QOL). HOYA´s Life Care business provides products and technology that contribute to satisfying such needs. We are dedicated to providing more competitive products and expanding our business.

Action 2

Securing stable earnings in the Information Technology business

HOYA´s Information Technology business has shifted from a growth stage to a matured stage. We strive to maintain our current high shares and high profitability, based on the accumulated technological advantages, and retain sales and profit of this business category by developing new technologies and applications.

Action 3

Acquiring new businesses

Besides investment in the Life Care business, we intend to expand our business portfolio by acquiring new businesses. We plan to acquire business operations from a long-term perspective in order to embed seeds for growth in our portfolio. As such, we aim at establishing an optimal portfolio, which enables us to realize a sustainable growth.

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