HOYA's advanced technology supports the development of various digital products including PCs, LCD TVs and smartphones. HOYA continues cutting edge technological innovation to contribute to an affluent society.

Mask Blanks and Photomasks for Semiconductor Manufacturing

Mask blanks and photomasks are essential in the production of semiconductor chips. They are the master plates used to transfer the minute, highly complex circuit patterns for semiconductors onto the wafers that become IC chips. In order to improve the circuit density of semiconductors, the development of extreme ultraviolet (EUV) lithography is in progress. HOYA leads the development of products for EUV lithography and continues to support the innovation in the semiconductor industry.

Photomasks for Liquid Crystal Display Panels

LCD photomasks are the master plates used in the manufacture of the LCD panels for large flat televisions, computer monitors and smartphones. Since HOYA developed photomasks for LCD panels in 1985, it has been leading the innovation of LCD panels. HOYA continues innovation to meet demand for advanced products such as 3D, 4K and 8K taking advantage of the high technological capabilities that HOYA has cultivated through development of semiconductor photomasks.

Glass Disks for Hard Disk Drives

Hard disk drives (HDDs) are found not only in notebook computers, but also in car navigation systems and portable game players. The recording media for HDDs must have the ability to withstand vibration and shock in order to prevent data loss. Glass disks that HOYA developed have superior shock-resistance characteristics in comparison to the aluminum disks. The capacity of HDDs has been growing rapidly, from gigabytes (GB) through terabytes (TB). HOYA responds to customer needs through the stable production of high-quality products.