Health Care

HOYA started manufacturing eyeglass lenses in 1962 and contact lenses in 1972. HOYA creates innovative products that add true value to society by enhancing people's quality of life.

Eyeglass Lenses

As a global manufacturer of eyeglass lenses, HOYA has passionately driven optical technology innovation with the aim of finding only the best vision solutions. HOYA's unparalleled technology creates a profoundly clear vision experience for the progressive lens wearer.
HOYA Vision Care Company is a global organization covering 52 countries with a network of over 12,000 employees and over 64,000 active accounts globally.

Contact Lens Specialty Store "Eyecity"

"Eyecity," the chain of contact lens specialty stores operated by HOYA, is one of the largest of such chains in Japan. At each Eyecity store, experienced professional staff, equipped with the appropriate knowledge and the latest product information, sells products to customers through individual dialogues with them. HOYA operates over 250 Eyecity stores throughout Japan.

Contact Lenses

Hoya develops and sells contact lenses including disposable lenses, near and far-sight, and toric lenses. Our one-month disposable lenses use silicon hydrogel, a new material that enables oxygen to directly permeate the lens, and offer an enhanced antifouling property based on a special surface coating technology.