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We provide IT solutions including system architecture, speech synthesis, and cloud service. Our corporate venture capital group seeks opportunities for technology investment.

IT System Architecture

HOYA Digital Solutions Corporation, started as an IT service division of HOYA, develops and offers various IT solutions including IT system architecture, information processing as well as business application software, ERP solutions and internet services.

Speech Synthesis Software

Speech synthesis software VoiceText™ can convert text data into human like natural voice by analyzing grammatical structure of the text and making its proper speech intonation. VoiceText™ proudly presents the world best speech technology of natural speech and clear pronunciation with its languages. VoiceText™ is available in the forms of wide range of embedded devices, network/server application, telematics, webpage and newspaper reading, robot, home automation, PDA, cell phone, DMB devices, education and entertainment.

Cloud service based a time management and electronic payslip

The time and attendance management service "Kinnosuke" and electronic payslip service "Yonosuke" are cloud based services which enable you to reduce paperwork and other related costs in your company. All functionalities are usable by (any device connected to the) internet anytime, anywhere.
"Kinnosuke" enables you to record in and out-times of your employees by using various devices such as desktop pcs, tablets, smartphones and time-recorder devices. All related attendace data is automatically calculated, shift management is supported and over-time, vacation application workflows are available.
"Yonosuke" enables you to distribute the monthly payslip to your employees using the internet. Data can easily be imported from your current payroll software or payroll outsourcing provider. All services are supporting the English and Japanese language.

Corporate Venture Capital Group

Investment mission

Add value and benefit to healthcare professionals and ultimately patients by investing in start-ups

Areas of focus

Medical/Health Care
Eye to GI(gastrointestinal), ENT (ear nose throat), MIS (minimum invasive surgery) and unmet medical needs, (not limited).

Investment stage/criteria

We will be seeking to provide initial investments in seed or series A funding (possible to late stage). No LP (funds) investment. To take lead deals or invest alongside lead investors.

Investment cases in the past

Ophthalmology related

Salutaris MD (Arizona, USA)

Minimally invasive therapy of wet age-related macular degeneration (wet AMD)

GI related

EndoMaster (Singapore)

Robot assisted surgical system for ESD(Endoscopic Submucosal Dissection)

Ophthalmology related

LensGen (California, USA)

Accommodating Intraocular Lens for Presbyopia


Corporate Venture Capital Group
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Corporate Venture Capital Group
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