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Aug. 1, 2013

HOYA Introduces Industry´s Thinnest*1 Lens Unit for Smartphones with 3x Optical zoom and Optical shake reduction

Lens Unit for Smartphones

HOYA Group DCM SBU announced the commercialization of a lens unit with 3x optical zoom and optical shake reduction that features the industry´s thinnest size of 6 mm in depth. The new lens unit “CUBE (tentative)” is intended for use in mobile devices such as smartphones.

Demand is growing rapidly for higher performance of embedded cameras in smartphones and other devices. CUBE has been developed to deliver superior camera functionality and image quality, as well as extremely slender designs.

The industry´s thinnest profile in this type of lens unit was realized by HOYA´s technology in glass lens molding for aspherical lens, and optical design and manufacturing for compact camera lens unit. Also with optical shake reduction function, clear images can be captured even when photographed in low light conditions or using zoom.

*1 As of August 1, 2013.

・Major Features
・Industry´s thinnest profile (6 mm in depth) for a lens unit with 3x optical zoom and optical shake reduction function.
・F2.7 lens in wide-angle realizing bright, high resolution image.


HOYA will continue to evolve its optical zoom lens unit and aggressively pursuing expansion of its CUBE lens unit technologies and lineup, in order to respond to the needs not only for portable mobile devices but also for the new fields including medical and security.

DCM SBU develops, produces and sells optical zoom lens units for compact digital cameras to major camera manufacturers and their ODM partners worldwide, and has the largest share (about 40% in 2012) among ODM lens unit market. In particular, its patented sliding lens system has contributed greatly to reducing the size of compact cameras with high-zoom lenses.

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