Research & Development

HOYA pursues the twin objectives of achieving continuous growth and increasing corporate value. The group devotes considerable effort to strategic business planning and technology R&D that are clearly focused on the long term. HOYA has realized excellent profitability by enhancing the competitive strengths of its key products in their respective markets, often achieving top market share. This could not have been accomplished in the absence of HOYA´s R&D policy-which is to create products required by society. Aiming to create highly competitive businesses driven by leading-edge proprietary technologies, HOYA actively invests in seed technologies that have the potential to become the giant “trees” of the future.

R&D Philosophy
R&D Philosophy

The saying, be “a big fish in a small pond,” is one straightforward way of expressing HOYA´s business strategy. The “big fish” refers to HOYA's top market share, and the “small pond” refers to the niche markets in which HOYA is active. Those markets may not be immense, but HOYA maintains its position as an industry-leading company in every one of them. In the field of R&D, this helps HOYA keep close relationships with its clients and contribute and participate in a positive manner in leading-edge fields.
As well as undertaking industry-leading research and technology development in its niche markets, HOYA is actively promoting the development of important new fields of business, with the mid- to long-term objective of “building a new pond” of its own. Another characteristic of Hoya´s way of doing business is its determination to take the best possible advantage of applied research that has the potential to lead to practical applications. This focus is shaped by today's environment of accelerating change, where it will become crucially important to maintain a practical perspective on R&D, seeing it as directly linked to real-world application and economic performance. HOYA's R&D philosophy will ensure that its development efforts are efficient and waste-free.

Research and Development Structure

HOYA devolves a large degree of authority and responsibility to each of its business divisions. 
In the field of R&D also, each business division follows its own next-generation technological research and development as a natural extension of its current activities as well as with a longer term viewpoint. 

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