Corporate Citizenship

Class at an elementary school

Class at an elementary school

Vision Care Participates in Elementary School
Special Science Class

Mar. 29, 2017

HOYA Vision Care Company, HOYA's eyeglass lens business division, has been participating in special science classes as visiting corporate lecturers at Miyagi Prefecture elementary schools in and around Sendai, northern part of Japan, beginning from April 2016. In recognition of these contributions, HOYA Vision Care Company was awarded a certificate of appreciation from.the Sendai Board of Education.

According to the 2016 Annual Report of School Health Statistics Research issued by the Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology, the percentage of Japanese elementary school students with visual acuity less than 20/20 was at a record high of 31.46%. Believing that it is important to have accurate knowledge about eye health and vision from a young age, HOYA Vision Care Company participates in sixth grade special science classes as visiting corporate lecturers and help the students learn about the mysteries of the eyes, how they work, and how important they are. The classes also include information about what lens manufacturers and eyeglass stores do, that provides a greater understanding of eyeglasses.

HOYA Vision Care Company will continue to take a variety of opportunities to raise awareness about the importance of eyes and vision.

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